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Uni-Flex Circuits, Inc. of San Jose, CA is an electronics manufacturing company specializing in quick turn single sided, double sided, and rigid flex circuit design. We use our knowledge to provide you with precise flex circuit design. At our facility, we emphasize quality and service at very competitive prices. Our extensive experience allows us to efficiently fulfill the requirements of customers in diverse industries. To make sure we provide the accuracy you need in flex circuit design, we utilize a process called laser direct imaging.

Committed to Quality Workmanship and Quick Service

Despite the lead time, we are committed to providing our customers with quality and excellent service. Our industry experience and cross training in different areas of flex circuit fabrication makes us uniquely qualified to handle your job. Uniflex Circuits has a reputation for providing the best on-time delivery performance among flex circuit suppliers—often delivering in advance.

quality construction

We provide various flex circuit constructions to accommodate customers in multiple industries. Products from single-sided to rigid flex circuits make your electronics fully functional.


effective capabilities

Customize your flex circuits with common and artwork capabilities. We provide everything you need, which saves you time and money on design and fabrication of flex circuits.



"I have been looking for a Quality Flex Circuits for my laptop but I couldn't get it, but suddenly one of my friends referred me to Uni-Flex Circuits Inc. It is really great for me to get their services. I would also like to refer to others. Thanks you Uni-Flex Circuits. Thank you."
Peter B. D.


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